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Glass and its produce

It does not matter which kind of vehicle you are driving (a car, a bus, a truck and so on), because the car glass plays an important role in order for the driver and the passengers to feel safe and to comfortably reach the point of destination. The glass protects the people in the vehicle from rubble, garbage and dust entrance into the interior of the car, from unfriendly climate conditions, also in the event of an impact, it protects the passengers from falling out of the car and it serves for a good visibility and insulates noise. In many modern cars, the sturdiness of the design articles depends on the windscreen.

The cracks, dents and other damage that appears on the car glass causes risk to your safety. It not only diverts the drivers attention, impedes good and full visibility, but in the event of an impact, it can become the source of the roof’s deformation.

In order for you to drive safely, that your vehicle’s car glass be transparent and of good quality, that you would exploit it for many years, entrust this work and trouble to qualified, highly experienced professionals working in “AGN stiklai”.

The company „AGN Stiklai” sells various car glass models:

  • For cars;
  • For buses;
  • For trucks;
  • For agriculture’s and constructional mechanisms.

In our storage facility we have glass for cars, trucks, buses, truck-trailers and other.That’s why we can deliver them very expeditiously. However, if your vehicle, agricultural, constructional or other mechanism needs a special type of glass, we will be able to order it for you and to offer only the highest quality merchandise.

“AGN Stiklai” sells time proofed, certified, highest quality standard manufacturers glass: Saint-Gobain, Pilkington, AGC, Guardian, FYG, XYG.

We graciously beckon you to contact the professionals working in “AGN stiklai”, who will gladly consult and take care of the needed glass and answer all of your questions.

Glass and its produce | AGN stiklai