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Automobile the car glass re-gluing

Not always the car glass is glued properly. This happens usually when you try to glue it without having any experience, or when you trust your car to unqualified foremen. The glass, which was glued poorly, enhances the moisture, water permeability, it starts to cloud up, fragility of the glass increases, and there can be cracks. Because the windscreen strengthens the car’s bodywork, then it’s especially important that it should be glued in good quality. If this is not done, in the event of an impact, the windscreen may easily drop out and deform the roof of the car.

The experienced specialists working in “AGN stiklai” expeditiously and in good quality will render the car glass re-gluing service to you.

The car’s windscreen re-gluing process is made from these steps:

  • The windscreen wipers and decorative items are removed;
  • The windscreen is removed;
  • The bodywork is cleaned from residual glue, dirt, dust and, if there is a necessity for it, corrosion is removed;
  • The bodywork and the new car glass are readied for gluing according to the manufacturers technological requirements;
  • The windscreen is glued or it is squeezed into the rubber medium and all of the decorative items and windscreen wipers are put back in.

We graciously beckon you to contact the professionals working in “AGN stiklai”, who will gladly consult and answer all of your questions about the re-gluing of the car glass.

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