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Buses replacement of the glass

The bus car glass, which is of a good quality and undamaged, is an essential factor not only ensuring the comfort and safety of the passengers and the driver, but also is an important element of the fastening of the bodywork. The windscreen of the bus is most often vulnerable, because of the large torrent of dust and various sizes of pebbles that have contact with it. Even though that the side car glass of the bus is more safe from the outside’s small elements, after a long exploitation they also can have various mechanical damages.

Not only for the replacement of the bus car glass a specialized room is needed, but also it is very important to adhere to the rules prescribed by the manufacturer and the technological requirements of the glass replacement process. Experienced and professional employees of “AGN stiklai” can ensure that for you.

The bus’s windscreen replacement process is made from a couple of steps:

  • Before the damaged glass is removed, windscreen wipers and decorative items are removed;
  • The old car glass is dismantled;
  • The bodywork is cleaned from residual glue, dirt, dust and, if there is a necessity for it, corrosion is removed;
  • The bodywork and the new car glass are readied for gluing according to the manufacturers technological requirements;
  • The new car glass is glued, the glue seams are formed and all of the decorative items and windscreen wipers are put back in.

We graciously beckon you to contact the professionals working in “AGN stiklai”, who will gladly consult and answer all of you questions about the replacement of the car glass of the bus.

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