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Automobile glass tinting film

The specialists working in „AGN stiklai” use only the films to tint the glass, which come from reliable manufacturers. This way we can assure the quality of the glass tinting and from the different tint films we can suggest the most fitting option for your car.

The glass tinting film gives these advantages for your vehicle:

  • The glass, which is tinted by film, perfectly absorbs the flashes of the sun that really bothers when driving. It also neutralizes the blinding lights from the passing cars.
  • The tinted glass safeguards from Ultra-violet rays. The “Metallised” tinting films reflects even up to 99% of Ultra-violet rays, this safeguards the inside of your car from discoloration.
  • The glass coated with a tinted film is more sturdier. In the event of a break, it protects the passengers and the driver from shards that do not access the inside of the car, because they are left glued on the film.
  • In summer, a glass, which is tinted with film, stops the entry of the heat into the inside of the car. In winter, vice versa, minimizes the heat’s return to the outside, maintaining the heat in the inside of a car.
  • Because through the tinted glass it is harder to see the inside of the car, the more valuable items in the car are safe from thieves.
  • The glass, which is tinted with film, will give your car not only exclusiveness, improve its appearance, but also will allow you to enjoy the comfort of privacy.

We graciously beckon you to contact the professionals working in “AGN stiklai”, who will gladly consult and answer all of your questions about the glass, which is tinted with film.

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