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Buses stopping and repairing cracks

If the bus’s car glass patch has started to cloud up, it must be restored, its frame changed or a car glass abrasion procedure needs to be performed. Clouding up is the first sign that he bus’s car glass batch is leaky. After the passage of time and because of atmospheric fluctuation, the car glass batch becomes leaky and the interior side of the glass get lime scales. Grey car glass of the bus not only taints the aesthetic view, but also causes for the passengers inconveniences.

Experienced foremen working in “AGN stiklai” and the highest quality materials used guarantees that cleanliness and transparency shall be returned to the bus’s car glass batches.

The restoration of bus’s car glass batch is made from these steps:

  • The decorative items, which conceal the glue seams between the bodywork and the glass batch, are removed;
  • The glass batch is cut out from the bus’s bodywork and it is removed;
  • The car glass is burnished, lime scales and other impurities are removed;
  • A new aluminum frame is made and the glass batch is glued together;
  • The glass batch is glued into the bus’s bodywork and seams are formed;
  • All of the decorative items are put back in.

We graciously beckon you to contact the professionals working in “AGN stiklai”, who will gladly consult and answer all of your questions about the restoration of the bus’s car glass batch.

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